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5 Tools to Re-Build Your Confidence
Confidence is a main driver for peak performance. Because it is so essential, that’s where the Confidence Toolbox comes in. It’s a huge help when I need confidence the most. From my experience as a psychologist, I want to share what I think are the five must-haves for your Confidence Toolbox. There are more and as you find them you can put them in your toolbox.

What’s a Confidence Toolbox?

Most of us have things in life that rattle us, lead us to feel unsure or less confident in our selves at times. We all encounter the unexpected. The wrinkles, bumps and sometimes potholes in the road that ding us a little or derail us at times. Our passion for our purpose can make us vulnerable to taking these curveballs personally.

I think of a Confidence Toolbox as a collection of techniques that I can use to keep my spirits up and my belief in myself at its healthiest level. These tools are always accessible. I’m confident they will work for you too. Before I give you the tools you need to become more confident, think about your mission statement in life. What are the morals, values, beliefs, desires that you live by, what is important to you? Write it down even if it’s just bullet points.

Tool 1: Write a personal mission statement

A personal mission statement defines who you are as a person (or as a team member where you work) and identifies your purpose, whether that’s in the office or simply in life. It explains how you aim to pursue that purpose, and why it matters so much to you. That’s it!

When life forces us to take a step back, or when we’re moving into a space that’s new to us, that can be unnerving. Why? Because it challenges our sense of self.

I get back on track by rehearsing my personal mission statement. My confidence returns when I ground myself in who I am—and who I want to be when I am at my best.

This vision for my optimal performance is driven by my personal mission statement. Build this tool by unloading your old story and writing your new one. When you feel your confidence slipping, re-root yourself in your mission.

Tool 2: Create a smile file

OK, so that sounds a little different maybe cheesy, trust me, this works. The Smile File is your personal collection of reminders of your best self as well as the self you are working on improving.

It can be electronic: emails that make you feel good. Funny mems, great feedback from a client or friend. Write down special compliments you receive that mean a lot to you so you can read them when you are feeling low. Often we forget the good things people say to us and only focus on the bad things we perceive.

Or it can be something tangible. A token of improvement, a metal, letter of appreciation or something that reminds you of a new endeavor. Write it down and have it visible past successes and future goals. Document reaching a goal such a being able to lift a certain number amount of weight, run a certain number of miles or a difficult puzzle that you solved. Anything you can quantify or shows that you are pushing yourself.

It doesn’t have to be given to you. The Smile File can include anything you created that you are proud of. These important personal symbols of your success and potential spark confidence.

Tool 3: Create an early morning success ritual

I practice starting my day by setting some time to have a cup of coffee, counting my gratitude’s, I also pray. If you don’t pray you can use a form of meditation. Just center yourself for at least three minutes and breath. I then think about how I would like my day to go and set goals that I would like to accomplish that day. It’s something I have incorporated into my own morning routine. One way to start your day off with confidence is to write down three things that would make the day great. Then, tell yourself what you need to do to make things happen. Think “Ive got this, whatever comes at me today “I’ve got this”. Today, I will be ___________. These two simple actions will help you wake up with optimism and focus.

Tool 4: Stock your library of inspiration

I enjoy reading and researching. I am constantly picking up new books with new ideas. I recommend creating a “library of inspiration.” Keep 1-3 books, files, pictures that make you happy and inspires you to be better. When you need a little confidence boost, peek at them for some quick inspiration. This can also work by finding inspiring quotes or short stories that bring you joy.

Tool 5: Build Confidence in Others

A quick way to feel better is to send out positivity to others. A quick note of encouragement. Even just a silly emoji or meme can help you to feel better and someone else too!

You might recognize this tool as being the change you want to see. Confident people build their own ideas, projects, goals, plans, and aspirations by uplifting the same in others. It works! Even if I’m not feeling so confident, uplifting someone else ends up boosting me, too.
Bottom line: Tapping into the best around us can build the best within us.

Your Game Changer Takeaway

When something shakes your trust in yourself, or you know that you need more faith to keep moving forward, turn to the must-haves in your Confidence Toolbox. Keep them front of mind so they’re ready when you need them. And stay aware for moments when your confidence shines and ways to capture those moments. Because there’s always room for another must-have in your Confidence Toolbox.

Be kind, Inspire, dream, live and grow fearlessly.


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