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We are small group of licensed therapists and counselors specializing in marriage counseling, child abuses, drug addictions, and depression, with a fundamental goal to help all individuals who are experiencing personal challenges and be able to resolve them by improving their emotional well-being with modern mental health techniques. By establishing an open and trustworthy relationship with our patients that creates the foundation for how they’ll most effectively reach their goals, and become a significant influence for their emotional success and well-being.

Meet the HCC Counseling Support Team

Dr Ray Smith

Dr. Ray Smith

Ed.D., D.Min.

Hello, I’m Dr. Ray Smith.

I am an ordained minister and a mental health counselor. In my counseling practice, I combine my Christian faith with my knowledge of mental therapy to provide you with counseling or therapy that involves faith in the practical work of resolving the personal issues that we all face.

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Barbara Folden

Barbara Folden


Hello, I am Barbara Folden,

I am a Licensed Mental Health Professional and a Board Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator. I have a Master’s degree from Whitworth College. I enjoy working with young teens to the Elderly. I specialize in Anxiety and Depressive Disorders as well as…

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Julie Perry

Julie Perry


Hello, I am Julie Perry,

I completed my Masters in Psychology/Counseling in 1984 from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma WA.  I have over 20 years of clinical experience in various settings as a Child and Family Therapist and Individual Therapist in large community mental heath centers…

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Naomi Carrasco

Naomi Carrasco

Associate Counselor

Hello, I’m Naomi,

I bring experience working with individuals and families in various settings, including small non-profit organizations, very large non-profit organizations, and state funded programs. My education, training, and experience has led me to work with youth and…

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Vanessa Richardson

Vanessa Richardson

Student Intern

Hello, I am Vanessa Richardson,

I am a student intern who brings compassion and sincerity to the therapeutic process. My professional background includes working with individuals, families, special education population, extensive experience working with high-risk youth…

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Meet Our Front Desk:



Reception/Intake Specialist

Hello, I’m Jan.

I’m the one at the front desk that answers the phones, emails, verifies insurance, and schedules appointments.


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