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Anxiety Quest

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The post COVID Anxiety Solution everyone is talking about.

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Dispelling Disappointment

Dispelling Disappointment

“What, me worry?” Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman’s motto in the 60’s was, “What, me worry?” When I returned to school each fall as a boy, I was…


Anger Management Binder

Anger Management Binder

Includes Worksheets & Exercises: (39 Pg)

This is the same material and handouts we use to conduct our Anger Management Workshops


vanquish depression

Vanquish Depression [Course]

Learn to:

  1. Define depression (it’s not just sadness)
  2. Assess your level of depression
  3. Notice the blocks in healing depression
  4. Identify cognitive distortions (stinking thinking)
  5. Dispute mistakes in your thinking
  6. Change how you feel and behave using effective tools
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Healthy Counseling Center (HCC) is a small group of licensed therapy counselors in Spokane WA, who specialize in relationship healing, marriage counseling, child abuses, behavior health, anxiety and depression, all with a fundamental goal to help all individuals build stronger and healthier relationships. If you are experiencing any personal challenges, we want to help you resolve your concerns and improve your emotional well-being. By establishing an open and trustworthy relationship with you, our hope is to help build the foundation to effectively reach your goals.

Dr. Ray’s New Book
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Anxiety Quest

Guided Adventures: Turning Fear to Courage,
Panic to Calm, Nervous to Confidence

  • Constantly racing with anxious thoughts?
  • Do you need it gone once and for all?
  • Looking for great tools and ideas to deal?

Get all these answers and more, in the most unique way that only Dr. Ray can explain it best.

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