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Office Location: 9507 North Division Street, Suite A

To Schedule Appointments

Here are the ways that you can contact us to make or change appointments:

  • Phone: Answered Mon – Fri (9am-5pm) | record voice messages available 24/7
  • Email: Answered Mon – Fri (9am-5pm) | after hours are delayed until next business day
  • Self Intake: [1 pg] Requires New Clients have email + PDF software installed to Edit, Rename, and Send back to us by email
  • Print Docs: [6 pg] Requires New Clients have access to a printer to fill out intake forms by ink and return to front desk.

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Phone Us

Voice Request

Write Us

Email Request

Self Intake

editable pdf

Print Docs

Intake forms

New Patient FAQs


Intake forms are a multi page personal assessment that helps us help you more effectively. When completed and reviewed during your first visit, it will help both of us develop a strategy for exploring and resolving concerns and issues that are on your mind. Most of these assessment forms will be filled out by your provider during your first visit.

Before you can make appointments:

You must first call and talk with our Intake Specialist who is available for new patient intakes during our normal business hours.

Intake Hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 9AM – 5PM

Our office is open: 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.
Evening & Saturday’s are by Appointment Only!

Smartphone users:

Touch to Dial

Do you except NEW Clients?

Yes, we are currently excepting new clients, however we have an Intake process to collect details like names, needs, and responsiblity agreements. Also if you plan to use Insurance, then we need the time to verify coverage with them and ask what limits and co-pays your individual policy covers. These details are needed before we can place you on the schedule to see a provider, because payment at time of service is required.

We currently have 2 options for New Client Intakes (Do It Yourself) or (Editable PDF)

  1. Do It Yourself: Requires Download Registration packet, Print out, Fill out by Ink, Fax back to us or Call and make arrangements to arrive 30 mins early for your first appointment. (6 pages)
  2. Editable PDF: Requires an Email address & PDF Software to Fill out by keyboard, Rename and Save to desktop, then Print out to Fax or simply attach the saved document to an Email and send back to us. (1 page)

FAX: 509.466.0117  or  Email:

How do I make my First Appointment?

Before your first appointment with us you must:

  • New Clients must download and print Registration Packet
    1. If you are unable to do this, please report to our office 30 minutes prior to your first appointment so we can help you.
    2. Please do not be late as this can cause others to be delayed seeing their provider as scheduled.
    3. If you are using Insurance, co-pays must be validated prior to your first visit, or you pay upfront out-of-pocket.
    4. If you have email then call us first @ 509.466.6632 , to let us know you are interested, and we will send you our easy Interactive PDF form to fill out and send back to us.

Print Forms

We need these forms completed and brought with you for your first visit.

Once Intakes are Completed:

You can always schedule your appointments by:

  1. Phone at: 509.466.6632  (M-F 9am-5pm)
  2. Send email to:
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