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Intake forms are a multi page personal assessment that helps us help you more effectively. When completed and reviewed during your first visit, it will help both of us develop a strategy for exploring and resolving concerns and issues that are on your mind. These assessment forms will be filled out by your provider at the time of your first visit.

Before your first appointment:

  • New Clients must download and print Registration Packet
    1. If you are unable to do this, please report to our office 30 minutes prior to your first appointment so we can help you.
    2. Please do not be late as this can cause others to be delayed seeing their provider as scheduled.
    3. If you are using Insurance, co-pays must be validated prior to your first visit.

Print Forms

We need these completed forms on your first visit.

You can always schedule your appointments by:

  1. Phone at: 509.466.6632  (M-F 8am-5pm)
  2. Send an email message to:
  3. Or use the web form below.

Smartphone users:

Touch to Dial


Please be aware that although we use email addresses that are solely for our use, are password protected and HIPAA compliant, there is still a risk in that it is not absolutely confidential as it has the potential for electronic viewing when passed over the Internet. Therefore we strongly recommend that if you decide to use this form of contact you consider the content of your message and limit it to general subject matter only. Thank you for understanding.

Use this form to make or change an appointments.

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