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Anger Workshop

[Post Updated: 11/06/20]

This was a landing page for a group workshop that was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. Since then, like most businesses, we have had to make some changes in these uncertain times.

One of these changes was the decision to recreate the materials, used in the workshop, into a digital format for anyone to download and learn from.

You can now instantly download the entire Anger Management Binder from our Shop.

Anger Management Binder

Anger Management Binder

39 pages including worksheets



Thank you for your interest in the
Anger Management Workshop.


If you would like help managing your anger, then please call the office (509.466.6632) for an individualized anger management counseling plan to:


  • build your strengths in coping with the anger of others
  • increase your awareness of anger producing situations and thinking
  • gain access to materials uniquely suited to your previous issues with managing anger
  • clarify impediments in handling your frustrations appropriately
  • learn effective tools to decrease your anger’s frequency, intensity, duration and impact on your relationships
  • receive a certificate of achievement upon completion of your personal anger management treatment

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