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What, me worry?

“What, me worry?”

Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman’s motto in the 60’s was, “What, me worry?”

When I returned to school each fall as a boy, I was innocent and did not worry. During the first month of class, we were taught to go outside if there was a fire alarm, go in the hallway if there was a tornado alarm (yes, we had those in Kansas City), and to go under our wooden desks if there was an atom bomb alarm. We were trusting enough we did not worry about nuclear radiation under our sturdy desks because we trusted the teacher who told us what to do.

As school starts this year, my grandchildren worry. They do not get to be innocent. They have to have training for an active shooter in their schools.

Our family lost our innocence when my niece ran out of Columbine High School, going outside by jumping over murdered classmates, with their blood on her shoes.

We probably can do little to keep all students safe. We can do something about them worrying.

I have written a book to help with worry.

Anxiety Quest: Guided Adventures—Turning Fear Into Courage, Panic to Calm, Nervous to Confidence. You can read it for free or get it on Amazon for Kindle, print, or audio.

If you learn one idea to lessen the worry of your family, then your time will be well spent.

Pray for their safety. Teach them not to worry.

Dr. Ray’s New Book
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Anxiety Quest

Guided Adventures: Turning Fear to Courage,
Panic to Calm, Nervous to Confidence

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