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Can you have happy moments when you’re depressed?
Can you have happy moments when you’re depressed?

Yes, depression is a mental health disorder which can last for months, even if being treated with medication and psychotherapy. During those long months of feeling hopeless and helpless, there can be delightful moments when you feel happy, joyful and grateful.

For example, many people get seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression, during the winter months. At Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, even people with moderate to severe major depressive disorder can enjoy celebrations with family and friends.

If you are suffering from depression, then when you are around a laughing baby or an energetic puppy, you are likely to have happy moments in spite of the clinical depression.

Unfortunately, for people being treated with major depressive disorder, their happy moments may not be at the high level of giggling happiness of children who are given a birthday present or something sweet to eat.

If you had epilepsy or diabetes, you could still have happy moments.

When they come to you, enjoy them!

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