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PC – Post COVID-19

When I was a kid, PC stood for a noble and sacrificial service: Peace Corp.

When I was a Minister, PC stood for the Per Capita tithe paid for charity.

When I bought my first IBM, PC stood for Personal Computer.

The past few years, PC stood for Political Correctness.

Now, with hope, PC stands for Post COVID-19.

During the Corona pandemic, the four big tech corporations have increased their wealth multiple times, while local businesses have failed and closed forever, and our friends will have lost everything Post COVID-19. The computer companies are not paying much to charity.

Whitworth University nearby has been building new buildings during the virus with the hope online education will taper Post COVID-19 and the traditional values of being on campus will fill their buildings with students. Even the Ivy League schools doubt PC young people used to being online will incur the student loans to live and learn on campus.

Business, education, and health care are different already, and will be different PC. Our office is now using HIPAA compliant Telehealth. Washington State allows us to serve anyone in the nation with Telehealth, increasing our ability to serve and increasing access for patients.

Families are different, too. Studies show almost anything negative for families is worse during the pandemic, especially mental health, and relationships. How will families be PC? The wealthy families have accumulated more wealth, and the benefits of having wealth PC can help them, and, there are many things families need money cannot buy. The middle class and the poor have suffered, and Post COVID-19, those families will suffer without things money could buy.

Faith is different. We could not go to worship, small groups, service projects, Sunday School, youth group, visit the sick, and attend funerals. Post COVID-19 prayers may transfer from supplication for God’s provision to thanksgiving in gratitude for blessings received. We can still sacrifice and tithe.

The USA is different. Post COVID-19 America’s exceptionalism, leadership, and ability to maintain the peace of the world may be lost forever. The parties are not politically correct working together to serve those who voted for them. Through debt, our politicians have selfishly stolen from my grandchildren’s future for their own gratification during the pandemic.

Post COVID-19 we still have choices: how we feel and behave comes from how we think about things, not the virus or its consequences. Would you like to feel better? Would you like to sleep better instead of worrying about PC? Make the choice to call us at 509.466.6632.

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