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Moonlighting Careers

President Trump moonlights. He owns and operates businesses, and now moonlights in the public sector.

I started counseling in an office in my home. I was moonlighting (with permission from my full-time job as a pastor).

All the firefighters who have been clients of mine also moonlight for 48 hours after their 24 hour shifts with the fire department. Some flip houses or use other talents, skills and interests they have.

A couple of counselors at Healthy Counseling Center moonlight with us after their shifts at other jobs. We have a community in need of mental health help, and I respect what our moonlighting counselors are giving to the people they see after school or work.

To “moonlight” means to work another job after your main job. In the ‘80’s, Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd had a TV show called “Moonlighting” which seemed a lot more exciting than psychotherapy. The good news is our staff aren’t exciting actors, they’re genuine healers.

The need for therapy continues to grow. Not just in Spokane, either, and with Telehealth, our therapists can help people anywhere in the country. We literally have room for more providers, full-timers and moonlighters. We have offices available. We have the systems and marketing in place to help therapists help clients.

Would you like to make more of a difference? If you could prevent a suicide, lessen the anxiety of a teen or the PTSD of a veteran, you’d want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

Psychiatrists, psych PAs and ARNPs, psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed mental health counselors and trauma specialists are needed now.

If you’d like to help us help more people, then check to see if Healthy Counseling Center might be a good fit for you, full or part time:

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