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By Dr. Ray Wm. Smith,
National Board-Certified Counselor and Coach

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:

Call 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention:

If you’re thinking about committing suicide, stop, call 911 and ask them for help.


Bugs, birds, and beasts out there have survival instincts. If you are thinking about suicide, planning for suicide, or brooding about whether the world would be better off without you, then you are suffering depression. It is unhealthy for you to be thinking of ending your life. Something has happened in your brain chemistry to shut down your survival instinct. You can feel better!

Whatever pain you are experiencing should not end with capital punishment and taking your life.

If you are so miserable you wish you weren’t here, then please recruit some help and support. You do not need a permanent, fatal solution for this temporary problem in life.

Depressed people who recruit counseling and medication get better 98% of the time. While you may not have hope right now, imagine in a year or two how happy you will be you took action to save your life.

The mission of the Healthy Counseling Center in Spokane is to prevent and heal relationship problems, with God, yourself and others.

We would like to help you prevent harm to yourself and grow in the way you love yourself.

Please call us at 509-466-6632.

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