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Older Adults: Assessing Anxiety and Depression

“Depression and anxiety can affect any of us, but especially older adults.”

Senior citizens feel anxious due to the way they think about situations. For example, if a retired man believes his mission in life has ended because his work has ended, then he might feel depressed. If a different retired man has prepared well for living after he’s no longer working for a living, then he may be excited about the next chapter in his life.

Below are some factors you could use to assess your mood and perhaps get help.


Download this worksheet for self assessment:

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Please use these factors as conversation starters with someone you trust. If you have felt some of them too often, they last too long, they’re too intense to handle, and they’re having too much impact on you and your relationships, then please recruit some help for your distress.

Change how you feel and behave by changing how you think!

If you need more principles, processes and provisions to manage your moods, call the Healthy Counseling Center for help at (509) 466-6632.

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