IMPORTANT NOTES! Our TeleHealth COUNSELING services are now available NATIONWIDE to anyone who has Primary Insurance. However EVERYONE nationwide can receive COACHING Services wherever they live. Both services use a HIPAA Compliant and secured video conferencing system, for your protection and ours.

What is HCC TeleHealth?

TeleHealth allows us to have confidential and secured counseling or coaching sessions through HIPAA compliant video calls.

TeleHealth might serve you well if:

  • You live a long distance from Spokane.
  • You’re working out of town.
  • Bad weather in the winter makes the trip unsafe.
  • Construction in the summer makes the trip too long.
  • You’re away at college.
  • You are in a family crisis and can’t get away.
  • Your childcare has fallen through at the last minute.
  • You are disabled or unable to make it into the office.
  • Or, today, it would just be more convenient for you.

Ask your counselor, therapist, or coach, about HCC TeleHealth options and benefits that give you even more access and support.

PLEASE BE ADVISED! The button above opens your smartphones keypad with our phone number preloaded. Just hit dial to ring our office. If it is after hours please send us a message through our contact page to schedule a call to see if you can qualify for TeleHealth Services. Thanks for understanding.

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