This Harry Potter themed workshop is FREE for Teens and Adults but seating is limited, so tickets MUST be reserved in advanced by calling (509) 466-6632

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Date: Tues Oct 30th

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm


  • Hogwarts for Worrywarts
  • The Power of Positive Potter-ing
  • Learn the magic over the “Malfoys” of your life.
  • No more Nervousness
  • Defeat Dread & Depression
  • Vanquish Panic
  • Conquer Tension & Impending Doom


  • Wand-erful Tools
  • Magic Methods

Hogwarts for Worrywarts

Harry Potter went to school to learn powerful magic. Worrywarts can learn to be powerful at the Spokane “Hogwarts” workshop. Harry Potter used his wits, wand and security blanket to solve problems, and you can, too! Okay, maybe not an actual wand, but certainly your wits because it’s happening on Halloween Eve.

Dr. Ray Smith and Barbara Folden, experienced mental health counselors, will teach you skills to quit worrying and feel confident. “There is no ‘magic’ in reducing anxiety,” said Mrs. Folden, a Forensic Evaluator based in Spokane, at Healthy Counseling Center. “And anxiety interferes with sleep, work, relationships, and self-esteem.” We want to help the 20% of people in Spokane suffering from anxiety, panic and worry.”

Dr. Smith, a national board-certified counselor, said occasional anxiety or performance anxiety is normal.

Anxiety is excessive when you worry too often, for too long, and it impacts your life too much. Experts at Healthy Counseling Center specialize in the prevention and treatment of anxiety problems. “Hogwarts for Worrywarts,” Mrs. Folden said is the theme for an Anxiety Academy. “And you’ll find the magic for panic, phobia, PTSD, insomnia, and social anxiety at this training.” False Expectations Appearing Real (FEAR) are bogus with refocus.

Dr. Smith, the founder of Healthy Counseling Center, helps people afraid of their own shadow to turn on their own light. “Those who attend,” Mrs. Folden said, “will leave the Anxiety Academy better able to reduce panic, worry, apprehension, and improve sleep, relaxation and coping.”

“The participants will use the magic of ‘Hogwarts for Worrywarts’ to improve their lives by learning to change their minds.” People suffering from fears, phobias and failure to cope will learn and rehearse proven, practical tools from best practices. “We’ll be retraining automatic reactions to be response-able while the adrenaline passes,” Dr. Ray said.

The Anxiety Academy will be held at the Downtown Library from 6:30-8:00 p.m. on October 30th. Seating is limited, so please call for a ticket at 466-6632.

About Ray Wm. Smith
Dr. Ray is an award-winning therapist based near the Y (Division and Highway 2), Spokane, Washington. The psychotherapist is a published author, keynote speaker and adjunct professor who taught counseling at Whitworth University.

Dr. Smith and Barbara Folden are available for interviews and photographs.

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