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Under the Armor Lives a Knight

One of my sons is a deputy sheriff. Those nights when he leaves for work in his bullet-proof vest, his hugs with his wife and daughter feel different, and their prayers are different, maybe more intense for his safe return in the morning.
Almost certainly, the police officers who have been ambushed and shot, had left their families with hugs and prayers, too. Those families grieve that there will be no more hugs, and they have doubts about a God who did not seem to answer their prayers.
Of course, police lives matter. And, of course, the public expects the knights who protect us from the dragons to not only enforce the law but also to exemplify and obey it.
It is wrong when a police officer does not live up to his oath, or abuses his authority. It is wrong to kill an innocent police officer in retaliation for another’s misconduct.
Tonight when we say our prayers for our families, let’s also pray for those who act like violent dragons and for the families in law enforcement who want to hug their knights after their shifts are over.

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