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You did that on purpose

When I was a boy, accidents were judged less harshly than injuries purposely done, and the subsequent tattling usually was the accusation, “He did that on purpose!” It sort of changed a misdemeanor to a felony charge in the parent’s courtroom. Intention really matters.

Last night my wife and I attended the Spokane Symphony’s final “Soiree on the Edge” at the scenic Arbor Crest Winery overlooking the Spokane Valley. The music director introduced a symphony that Mozart wrote when he was 22 and had returned to Paris. The French had standards for music composition at that time which Mozart did not like, but he included them in his 1779 symphony so that he could manipulate the audience to accept what he wanted to compose. His purpose was to prove himself a mature musician and to win the favor of his listeners. He accomplished what he did on purpose since the “Paris” symphony has been a favorite for 237 years.

What did you produce when you were 22? The spring shortly after I turned 22, I produced a college diploma and left that night for the family farms, where I helped produce a few thousand tons of baled hay. My favorite uncle had his first heart attack that summer and one purpose was to prove I was a mature manager. The relatives who pitched in agreed with a second purpose: make certain my uncle wasn’t broke as well as sick. The herd of steers that consumed what we produced ate the hay without gratitude or recognition that they were being fattened for slaughter and profit. If they could talk, surely they would accuse that I did that on purpose.

Mozart died at 35. What do you want to produce if you only have 13 years left? We have a purpose in life to produce something worth living for. If you want to discover what yours is, then visit my web page:

One day those who benefit from what you produce will be glad to say you did it on purpose!

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