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Private Practice Pragmatics: Your Gift

Ray Wm. Smith, Ed.D., D.Min.

In “Your Song” Elton John says his gift is his song, and that’s obvious to all of us on the receiving end of his music.What is your gift?

In your private practice, you will use your education and training for the benefit of your clients, and you will probably also use your innate gifts which will be obvious to all of your clients on the receiving end of those gifts.

Before you went to kindergarten you may have been empathetic with people in pain or a problem solver with children who were struggling. My little sister loved playing school even before her first day of school and those gifts she was born with have been obvious to all of the children she has taught over the years.

One of my gifts is exhortation, encouraging and motivating people to become their best self. Maybe that is one reason for writing this to you, to help teach and caution you against some of the mistakes that I have made in my private practice. I have always liked growth: my own, other people’s, even the plants and animals on the farm. My Grandfather expected me to grow and would always ask me, “What are you learning in school?”

You may have the gift of an entrepreneur to start and organize a private practice, and find it rewarding to initiate a business and take the risks necessary to accomplish your goals.

If you are using your gift, then what obvious benefits will your clients receive?


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