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Core Values

HCC Core Values:

Our Vision defines where Healthy Counseling Center is going in the future; our Mission describes what we’re doing and who we’re serving; our Core Values guide our culture, decision making and what matters most to us.

When getting on or off an elevator in the United Kingdom, “mind the gap,” people say because there can be a small gap between the building floor and the floor of the elevator.

When I worked on my families’ farm in Missouri, after every thunderstorm, repairs needed to be made to the “water gap” where rain had ruined the fence where it spanned a creek or a ditch.

When I do an intake interview with a new patient, I ask them what they have and what they want, then we construct a treatment plan to close the “gap” between the two.

At Healthy Counseling Center we help people mind the gap between their current state and their best self, using our education and experience to facilitate the growth and results they want.

Below is a sign in our waiting room to help people feel more comfortable with us.


If you are entrusting your care to us, you need to know more about us. Please take a look:

If you need more information to feel more comfortable, please call the Healthy Counseling Center for help at (509) 466-6632.

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