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Breathing with Anxiety

“Breathing is not optional,” I have told many patients who suffer with anxiety. Often when you get anxious your breathing is too shallow and you do not get enough oxygen. Years ago, one treatment for hyperventilating was to use a brown paper bag to help you with carbon dioxide.

I teach my patients with anxiety to breathe intentionally, slowly, and deeply. Deep breathing should happen in a quiet place where you can concentrate and listen to your own breathing.

Try it like this:

  1. inhale slowly counting to five as you breathe in through your nose
  2. hold your breath for the count of five
  3. exhale slowly through your mouth counting to five
  4. hold your breath for the count of five; then repeat

Another way to control your breathing is to sing. When you are singing you have to pay attention to your breath, the lyrics, melody, and harmony. It will make you more intentional in calming yourself.

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