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Child Abuse Recovery for Children and Adults
Posted: May 13, 2016

Child Abuse

Recovery for both Children and Adults

Sadly, many children in our nation grow up with abuse or neglect, not having the healthy experiences they’ve needed from birth to become whole, mentally and emotionally healthy people. Fortunately, counseling and therapy can help many people restore what was taken from them with child abuse.

A lot of days in our counseling office are spent making a safe place, with appropriate boundaries, so clients can have a healthy, safe, relationship experience in their lives. Providing this safe space can give them the security they need so that they can do the work of repairing the damage from the past; when the damage is acknowledged and repaired, abuse survivors regain their appropriate feelings and their personal power, allowing them to become healthy, thriving adults again.

Child abuse victims do a lot of grieving, not only for what was done to them, but also for what should have happened – the love and the caring they needed… and deserved. Mistreated victims can break the chain of abuse in their lives, inventing new ways of parenting that they did not enjoy themselves, passing on a legacy of blessing, moral values and light instead of darkness and pain. In such difficult situations as those who have suffered mental, physical and sexual abuse find themselves, faith can play a significant role in overcoming the fear and confusion caused by child abuse. Healthy Christian values can provide a solid foundation on which to build a renewed life, restoring courage, self confidence and faith.

If you have suffered abuse in your life, you can recover your real self and find joy in life and the world.
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